Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are your official emails and purposes?
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For inquiries and any administrative issues.
Are interested in a product, signing up or registering for service.
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Are you looking for investment opportunities.
Legal documentation, and applications.

2. How does Maali Work?

Maali allows you to make instant, affordable money transfers, Inward country Remittances, Making daily, weekly or monthly Saving, deposits and spending. Using the Maalicard app, you can quickly send funds from Maalipot Online wallets, Payout mobile wallets for airtel and MTN, bank accounts via RTGs, and cash pick-up at ATM with VERVE or Interswitch in Uganda

3. Why Maalicard critical in the world today?

Maalicard is designed as a low-cost global interchange for the development of ethical financial inclusive value-added services, harnessing the ideas and the talents of the financial and technology sectors, to deliver better value and achieve real change and transform of lives and community in varieties of trades. A number of individuals that are unbanked and operate informally.

4. How does Maali intend to achieve its objectives?

By allowing individuals or merchants that deal, pay, trade, buy or sends cash to anyone in the lower end of economic pyramid to register for the service. … “It will assume an inclusive model approach and become preferred medium for low- cost trade, commodity exchange, cash remittances, micro- savings managements, micro pension schemes and wage or salary payments, family to family transfers etc.

5. What are your fees and rates?

Maalicard charges minimum fees, on all transactions and offer P2P free transactions in the maali ecosystem.

6. How secure is Maalicard?

Maalicard takes the security of your personal data extremely seriously. We encode all data as soon as it is entered in the app and send it over an encrypted code; it is not accessible to the general public.

7. How do I know my funds are safe?

We are licensed and registered company in Uganda and Tanzania, we pay all taxes and trading licensing requirements as company; We operate as an NEOBANK working in collaboration of an existing bank. Your Money is physically backed up with cash at Housing Finance Bank, which is one of the oldest banks in Uganda and is full regulated to manage a trust /escrow account.

8. Is there a deposit /withdrawal limit on the cards?

Yes, we have published the limits on the website and the agent points, the card holders will also be notified by SMS on their phones. A maximum of 8 cash withdrawals in 24 hours with set limits per user category. The card can hold up to 18 million and the Maalipot 100 m

9. Who qualifies to become a card holder?

Every individual aged 18 yrs., can hold a card for him/herself to buy and extend a card to a minor or family friend. You need to have a national identification document and a registered telephone number. You can register for the services via mobile app or via internet web portal on Please download the app from the web app or smartphone via google play store. “Infotrade Maalicard”.

10. What are the benefits of the Card holders?

All card holders have web access to an Maali online account that can be operated on a smartphone or web portal. The same account can be accessed on mobile phone. This will require that holder completes the necessary registration documents and the anti-money laundering requirements. These are the benefits: -

  • Receiving money,
  • Low-cost cash transfers
  • Saving on Easy Save
  • Monthly cash backs up to 7% p.a for cash balances above 300,000/ =
  • Reduced cash risk and start off of useful credit history
  • Multiple account monitoring and control.
  • Receive and store up to 18 million on cards.
  • 80% free movement of cash on Maali ecosystem.

11. What do you mean by Value Added Services?

Card holders can have other services as options on the MaaliWebOnline, such as Maalisave: It allows the card holder to set saving options for a day, week, or months and fixed the withdraws after block of 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Maalicard Micro Health Insurance: This is voluntary health schemes that enrolls cardholders for third-party health insurance providers; MaaliGroupSave: This allows the card holders to have a summary of their weekly, monthly or annual saving balance consolidated in one report. This covers only group schemes registered as merchants on the Maalicard platform. The service can also host Saving Groups, family saving groups and Investment Clubs.

12. WIf I am a farmer or a worker on a farm and I want to be paid using the card what can I do?

Advise your buyer /employer to register as a merchant, there are additional benefits for commodity buyers/off-takers and farmers using the Maalicard for agribusiness.

13. What is the cost of obtaining a card?

The card costs 25,000/= initial purchase. Card Replacement of the card is 15,000/= per card.

14. How long does it take for me to receive my card from application?

All card holders are required to registrar via the phone and the information is verified in the system before the card is issued. It takes 5 to 10 days for a card to be delivery to recipient from the time of application, verification and printing of the card.

15. What is the security on the card?

The are 3 D cards that are printed with the number of the card holder’s system reference number and also carry unique international BIN. Each card holder is given a 4-digit PIN that should be keep secret from the card.

16. What are the benefits of becoming a Merchant for the Maalicard? What the user cases?

Merchants are registered business entities trading or doing business, these can register on the platform to trade and operate any of the following accounts:

Maalicard Trading:
Provides the user the ability to transact, trace transaction data, volumes and stock inflows using the Infotrade commodity platforms while enabling e-payments to suppliers, farmers and producers of the commodities.

Maalicard Business:
Provides an opportunity to every business big or small to become a part of a community intent on removing expensive intermediaries. Allows payment of bulk payments, taxes, and other multiple transactions, these include payments for goods and services.

Maalicard Business Global:
Allows businesses to transfer funds, make payments at insignificant costs and instantly reports. It can guarantee suppliers without expensive processing and currency conversion.

Maalicard School Pocket:
With this account the schools can hold pocket cash for students in e-form or have the account used for any school collection events, fundraising or building funds.

Maalicard Group Saving Scheme:
Allows the groups or companies to jointly manage a micro saving scheme. This account is linked to the individual’s group saving record mentioned the individual is Maalicard Account to help monitor saving on a real-time basis. Member of the group should be Maalicard subscribers.

16. What are the requirements for registration as a Merchant?

Preliminary registration is done on smartphone or web portal. Then secondly registration is completed by an officer/agent from our office ( ) visiting the premises or taking relevant KYC information from the merchant. On the phone you can register your company intentions. You will be required to first obtaining a maali online account, providing KYC for the individual and then forwarding your company. The app will take the following data:

  • Your Maali Online no,
  • Provide you with a merchant registration number,
  • Record the business name | business address |postal address |postal address,
  • Company registration no or TIN,
  • Record of the purpose of account,
  • Set a date for your next appoint for completion of the KYC information.
Note:  Additional KYC for companies will be obtained during the visit to your company and also the account type and transaction cost shall be shared on the merchant agreement.
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