Payment Services

Payments are made easy with Maalipay, you pay for services anywhere, from any place and while settled and relaxed on any continent. With the presence of Internet or USSD Connection depending on the country your can schedule , verify, authorize, transfer and confirm payments.

Payments Pages

Unlimited possibilities and options for the merchants and end chain users. Allow Maalipay to support your school pocket money management, sales at warehouse, supermarket, and business. If you are a contractor, employee, commodity buyer, moving cash to for field projects, E- vouchers for farming, virtual donation cards, ticketing and direct debit collections and traceable collection opt for Maalipay..

Maali Remit

Enabling cost effective domestic remittance via the web payment link. Send money to any person on the maalipot ecosystem (P2P). Ask the recipient for the maali id / or ask the person to create an account now. Click here to create an account. Or download the app to create & account.

Donation Channel

If you are registered Church, Charity and foundation use this channel to collect gifts from concerned parties. You can receive donations in country and from overseas. If you have the number of the organization you are gifting entry in the box below:

School Fees

Enlist your School or University and have your students and parents make direct payments to the school collection account using mobile, visa or Mastercard. Make payment to a registered school by typing the maalipot number in the box below:

Merchant Subscriptions Fees

To become a Maalipay Agent simply register your business now. Pay the subscription fees here.

Rent a shop Online

With support from MaaliPay, you can now rent a shop online and collect payments from your client virtually. Click here to register your business for and pay for your online shop.


Login as merchant to management your payment online. / Already registered.

Why choose us

Maali offers a safe and suitable securely generated web address that allows you to collect funds or cash from your customers
Safe, Faster, Smarter, Traceable, Seamless, Convenient, Savings with Interest, Value Services Such as: Pension, Micro Health Insurance, 50% + Cheaper than the options on the market

Real time Remittances

Sharing our earning through foreign and local remittance should be an act that is embraced, the maalipot allows for equitable instance remittances to friends, family at minimum cost of doing the transfer.

Available on Mobile

In Africa mobile use is beyond the convenience of communication out of home or in the range of a landline. It is a life style that people have adopt to cope with the physical challenges of social. Banking as to embrace the growth and adaptation of the mobile.

Accessible across banking networks

The need to move, transfer, receive and access funds or cash should be instant, we believe that user should not be limited by choice of bank name or provider. Any ATM, Bank House, Bank agent or Telecom provider.
Yes, we have chosen maali as a payment solution for our local church; the staff went an extra mile in supporting the link on the website. We are now receiving donations from followers beyond the borders of Uganda.
Junior Pastor 2021
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