Become Merchant

Are a merchant, you can initiate your request for the Maalicard via the phone, our office will be in touch
with you to complete your merchant registration and submission of KYC documents.
 Provide the proper identification of director’s IDs(National ID, Passport for the signatories)
 Registered copy of the certificate of incorporation
 Copy page of the objectives of the company, shareholders and share allocations
 Resolution to set up an online statement and payment account.
 Initial set up fee deposit of the 150,000/= (free for until 30 th October 2019)
Merchant Account types
 Maalicard Trading: provides the use the transact, trace transaction data , volumes and
stock inflow using the Infotrade commodity platforms while enabling e- payments to
supplier, farmers and producers of the commodities.
 Maalicard Business: Provides an opportunity to every business big or small to become a
part of a community intent on removing expensive intermediaries. Allows payment of
bulk payments, taxes, and other multiple transactions.
 Maalicard Business Global: With a Maalicard Business Global account, a business can
transfer funds, make payments at insignificants costs and instantly. It can guarantee
suppliers without expensive processing and currency conversion.
 Maalicard School Pocket: With this account the schools can hold pocket cash for
student in e-form or have the account used for any school collection event, fundraising or
building funds.

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 Maalicard Group Saving Scheme: All the groups, or companies to jointly manage a
micro saving scheme, but also this account is linked to the individual group saving
mention the group scheme.
3.3. School Pocket Money Services
Are operating a school and having problems keeping pocket money for the students ? Are having short
fall in the repayment of pockets money, do have a problems with daily reconciliation of pay out and
deposit from parents.
Then register for the school pocket money services., we shall issue an extend pre debit from the parent to
the student. The student has a e-account and can off the card via the account.
We shall set up the school payment services for free but you students are parent will need to pay the
Maalicard to end the transaction.
Other benefits , cash transfer from any to the school, monitoring usage, enabled saving accounting per
a) Requirement are:
a. Student should have school ID
b. Student should have patron; parent that signs on behalf of the card holders
c. Parents should have registered for the Maalicard services or can be supported by the
school agent.

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