Brief History and Journey of Maali.

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Maalicard was started as a service by FIT Insights Limited in 2016, all its activities were undertaken as a pilot using closed pre-debit cards for a period of 2 years targeting mainly farmers in the area of Kitigum, Tororo and Gulu District. This was mainly to enable payments for produce using cashless transaction models. A total of 1500 cards were initially tested with farmers in partnership with Interswitch Uganda with a network of 34 merchants in the area. After the pilot programme, the founder directors of FIT Insights, conceptualized all the findings and decided to expand the concept into a branchless digital bank, normally referred to as NEOBANKs. A local team of developers was identified to make a customerised banking platforms that will accommodate the financial inclusion requirement of the unbanked population in Africa using a low-cost model of market penetration and expansion. This was to using technology as a leverage and business collaborative strategies with existing financial institution to grow the network and share benefits in trade and business referrals. Maali signed up with Housing Finance Bank and Interswitch Uganda as the first collaborative partners, later with MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money in December 2019. The Maalicard was rebranded, May 2020 with black and Orange to appear wider needs of the community beyond farming and traders. By definition the MaaliCard is payment solution that is enabled by virtual account called “Maalipot” that is linked to an internationally registered pre-debit card branded as “Maalicard”. It allows the user to receive, get deposits, transfer, save and make payment for goods and services as if it was cash.