Statement of Purpose

The Vision

To be a pivot in the growth and revolutionizing of the financial sector by enabling the unbanked individuals connect to cost effective services and while sharing inclusive financial benefits.

MISSION statement

Maalicard  aims at offering  mass cost effective  financial inclusive services , supported by socially committed and motivated professions ,working with a network of business  and persons connected with benefits

Create some hope for someone


Maalicard aims to become the preferred  model of virtual payment by offering a cost effective  financial  inclusive services, supported by a network of business oriented merchants and agents , complying with the requirements / regulations of the financial sectors to meet  and exceed customers needs and expectations  by sharing inclusive benefits.


Our Desire for humanity

To meet any challenges it is important to dare, to imagine ways that provide a fundamental solution. The greater the challenge , the greater the courage required , especially for a fundamental solution to the issues of financial exclusion. ” by Mr. Vijay kumar (2010)

The infotrade Maalicard system offers a platform  that will enable us all to share the abundant wealth of the world with our fellow human beings.

Joining the ecosystem is a key for your personal contribution in the chain of shared love and happiness.  

I invite you to download the ” infotrade maalicard” app  and start your journey today.  Robert ,M.J. KINTU  ( 2019)

Infotrade Maalicard addressing issues of the unbanked

Real time Remittances

Sharing our earning through foreign and local remittance should be an act that is embraced, the maalipot allows for equitable instance remittances to friends, family at minimum cost of doing the transfer.

Accessible across platforms and banking networks

The need to move, transfer, receive and access funds or cash should be instant, we believe that user should not be limited by choice of bank name or provider. Any ATM, Bank House, Bank agent or Telecom provider.

Saving Money & Earning Interest

Not so much is put aside in many of the communities, system need to be put in place that allow for safe deposits and enable economically effective ways of saving and earning interest for the majority of the little savers.

Available on Mobile

In Africa mobile use is beyond the convenience of communication out of home or in the range of a landline. It is a life style that people have adopt to cope with the physical challenges of social. Banking as to embrace the growth and adaptation of the mobile.

Maalipot ! a Virtual online payment gateway

In African Culture , the POT was symbol of unity, love and sharing in a family. It served the purpose of cooking, storage of food , sharing of a drink and more so a bank or safe for values like money. We introduce the Maalipot as a virtual online bank for the unbanked.

Infotrade Maalicard

It is a pre-debit card, with a complete end-to-end technology platform powered by Infotrade Technologies. It interlinks with ATMS, POS Machines, Bank agents, Banks and other virtual payment systems.

Humanity expectation

The design of Infotrade Maalicard, is based on the principle of communicability of people and need to meet their desires; it is premised on a design that enables low cost global interchange of services within banks, creating a paradigm shift into ethical banking, while harnessing the energy, the ideas and the talents of financial and technology sector to deliver better value and achieve real change to the transformation of lives, for those individuals that are most disadvantaged.