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The Maalicard card is a pre- debit card that can be used a cross a number of payment platforms  and interlinked with a low cost global interchange.  

A Maalipot is  brand for virtual online account. 

A Maalicard  is phyiscal devices that clients use to access cash points across other service providers.

Card holders
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Maali pot Account


Card holders can have other services as options on the Maalipot , such as Maalisave: Allows the card holder to set saving options for a day, week, or months and fixed the withdraws after block of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months


Maalicard Pension (ICPF): this a voluntary pensions scheme, that allows users to subscribe for a pension services and set time of withdraw starting from two years to 10 years.

Maalicard Micro Health Insurance

This is voluntary health schemes that enrolls cardholders for an health cover aimed at address unforeseen human illness. This is provided by third party health insurance providers.


This allows the card holders to have a summary of their weekly, monthly or annual saving balance consolidated in one app. This covers only group schemes registered as merchants on the Maalipot . Members can save direct on to the group account.

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