Our Services

Our services target both the individuals and the merchants in the economic activities that affect both

agribusiness trade, social and personal well-being of the same. We offer inclusive solutions in finance,

trade enabling, client fencing, merchant retail and bulk payments, and payroll and tax remittance services.

Our clients include farmers, farmer Associations, Agri- development partners, commercial banks, micro-

finance institutions,

Maalicard Users family : this includes farmers, labors, students, employees , family in the rural areas


Business Community:

FIT Insights an has implemented a end to end infotrade platform covering trading,

transaction records, capturing farmer data with respect to their bio data, farm enterprise , production and

historical performance. It offers a secured electronic trading platform linked to the financial institutions.

5. Withdraw E- Cash

User of the Maalicard can draw money from any participating bank

ATM, BANK Agents, Housing Finance Bank and Mobile Money


6. Cashload to Maalicard

2. Cashload Options: User can load cash from Mobile Money to

Card , Bank to Card, Bank Agent to Card from Employer to Employee,

from Buyer to Seller e.t.c.


Individual Accounts Types. / Sub accounts


 Maalicard Online: All Infotrade Maalicard holders will also have the opportunity to

have web access to an online account that can also be operated on a smartphone. The

online account will require that they complete the necessary registration documents and

the anti-money laundering requirements of the international banking law.

 Maalicard (Core Card account): The Maalicard enables account to account transfers

across the world and the opportunity to buy and sell all major currencies online at the

most competitive rates. The holders of the Maalicard can enable the following sub

accounts at no additional fees of set up.

Sub accounts


 Maalicard Easy save: Allows the card holder to set saving options for a day,

week, or months and fixed the withdraws after block of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

Balance on the account should be 150,000/=.

 Maalicard Pension (ICPF): this a voluntary pensions scheme. (coming soon)

 Maalicard Micro Health Insurance: This is voluntary schemes that holders can

apply depending on the services of the third-party provider.

 My Group Saving Schemes: This allows the card holders to have summary of

their weekly, monthly or annual saving balance consolidated in one report. This

covers all group schemes registered as merchants on the Maalicard platform.