Service Brief

Infotrade Maalicard for Cash Remittance

Cost friendly service that allows movement of cash on the ecosystem among subscribed members. Farmer to Farmer, Parent to Children, Grandpa from Grandson, regional to regional, card to card e.t.c. This can be managed on smartphone, individual web portal global with reports and ability to track transactions and consolidation liquidity balance across platforms

Infotrade Maalicard for the individual

“Infotrade Maalicard” it is a pre-paid debit card with a complete end-to-end technology platform powered by Infotrade technologies and powered by Housing Finance Bank. It offers a number of functional user cases that are key in operation mass financial inclusions , allow users to receive, store, save, transfer and pay for services and goods.

Infotrade Maalicard for Bulk Payments

With a one time set up fee, companies can set up a wage self-managed portal for bulk payment of employees, laborer, or suppliers .

The service comes with optional value added services on request, we can include auto calculation of taxes (PAYEE, Withholding and NSSF.)

Infotrade Maalicard for Commodity Buyers/off Takers

Now is the time for off takers to manage their cash movement and reduce their risk in commodity trading. The merchants have an opportunity to track purchases (transaction price, volumes purchased, stocks and times of purchase per store) using a POS that also manages members details and digital payments. Pay the farmers using digital platform, track entry of commodity, reduce your transaction risk.

Frequently asked questions

Maalicard allows buyers /offtakers to pay farmers/ producers or employers to pay employees; parents to send pocket money; relatives to share cash from urban to rural; or card holders to buy goods / services; card holders to pay for utilities;  in principle  it allow the  card to receive, deposit, save, withdrawal and transfer Cash on multiple platforms. 

      Every individual aged 18 yrs., can hold a card for him/herself to buy and extend a card to a minor or family friend. You need to have a national identification document and a registered telephone number. You can register for the services via mobile app or via internet web portal on  Please download the app for your on monitoring of transactions.  “Infotrade Maalicard”.

All card holders have web access to an Maali online account that can be operated on a smartphone or web portal.  The same account can be accessed the mobile phone. This will require that holder completes the necessary registration documents and the anti-money laundering requirements of the international banking law.  These are the benefits:-  

  • Receiving money,
  • Low-cost cash transfers
  • Saving on Easy Save
  • Monthly cash backs up to 1% for cash balances above 150,000/ =
  • Reduced cash risk and start off of useful credit history
  • Multiple account monitoring and control.
  • Receive and store up to 18 million on cards
  • 80% free movement of cash on Maali ecosystem

Approved deposit and withdrawal points will carry the logos of (Maalicard, VERVE, Interswitch or Housing Finance Bank).

Infotrade Maalicard is a service offered by FIT Insights as a finance inclusive solution for the population in the low end of the pyramid. It addresses the biggest challenge is moving cash or collection of dues from the clients or making payments.  

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