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Maali ecosystem offers an opportunity to belong to a network of individuals united in the art of managing their financial while creating wealth future with key principles of transparency, traceability and accountability.
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Maalipot is an online branded Wallet with seamless transactions allowing fast and smooth access to funds. It is a true reflection of flexible cash movement.
This is pre-debit card that is linked to the Maalipot, allow credits from the Maalipot, enabling cash withdraws at multiple collaborating banks in the Uganda
Maalisave, enabling individuals to block out cash for period of not exceeding 12 months. Earn up to 7 % p.a monthly interest on your napping cash
Collect cash or get paid at your pace by signing for a payment link that allow collections from VISA/Master card, Money Mobile and Airtel money.

Financial inclusion models for all.

Our work is built on a history of over 23 years in agribusiness developments, financial inclusion and market linkages. Maali as services enjoys four years of engagement with off takers, employers, contractors and group savers. e.t.c. As the first Neo banking model in Uganda; Maali facilitates Connections for saving, sending, transfers, deposits and third-party service deployment.
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Our system is a comprehensive financial services solution that connects and simplify banking features digitally. We seek to widen the Maalipot by being available 24/7, giving you and your business advanced money features to boost your imagination.

  • Maali gives multiple Accessible cash out points country wide.
  • Self-enrollment on Web and Mobile
  • e-Wallets and current, Saving, group accounts
  • Micro credit accounts for personal short term rescue loans
  • Payroll management
  • Prepaid, closed loops cards, e-vouchers
  • Receive cash from any where in the world
  • Domestic cash remittance and funds disbursal
  • Commodity purchases in rural areas
  • With Maali Port you get a free payment ecosystem
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Make Withdrawals, balance inquiry and PIN change at the ATM at any of these listed banks.
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