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    Connecting  and Sharing with Millions of  People    Putting Choices in your hands Join  Our Ecosystem Seek for a gainful Business  Relationship Join  Our Ecosystem Seek for a gainful Business  Relationship
Connecting and Sharing with Millions of People
We are setting trends for futurist social and ethical banking while creating value added services to card holders and their Merchants in trade.
Putting Choices in your hands
We enable choices for our clients but allowing multiple cash collections points ,( POS, Bank Agents, ATMs, and Bank accounts, Mobile Money. Spend only if you must out of the "maalipot " you can pay with your pot account for less.
Join Our Ecosystem Seek for a gainful Business Relationship
We are setting trends for futurist social and ethical banking while creating value added services to card holders and their Merchants in trade.
Join Our Ecosystem Seek for a gainful Business Relationship
Connect to Save - Send- Spend
Connect with millions and share benefits


Accumulate monthly deposits on the card for three months with an average of 200,000/= to earn to 1 % Cash-back with a guarantee gain of 8% per year.


Make transfers via the maalipot or card to card payments at very low cost or move funds from one platform to another;- card, mobile and bank in the comfort of your sitting room.


Reduce personal stress of carrying cash or making payment. Enable cashless payments on your mobile or use the card.
You Know it is smarter, safer and faster

Use Cases for the Infotrade Maalicard


Triple your business again, accept maalicard funds as if it is cash at your premises, receive deposits free, enable cash pay outs to earn a commission, or benefit from sales of various services e.g . Airtime, YAKA and other collections.


Cashless pocket money service allow parent to extend their card to their children. Card allows cashless transactions at the canteen with pin protected card at no additional cost. Parents do not need to travel and carry pocket money to schools.


Eliminate cash at Your Buying Store or Warehouse, Issue Maalicards to enable cashless payments to produce suppliers. It is risk free, smarter and seamless. Farmers can now have access to cash via ATMs. Maalipay points and Banks Agents countrywide.

Living Realities

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Ownership of Smart phones

Maali is Accessible 24 HRS using multiple channels

100% Convenient !!! Access your cash from multiple banks ATMs, Bank Agents, MTN Mobile money and Airtel Money and Maalipay Agents.

Enroll for Personal Accident Insurance

Individuals and Groups can enroll for personal insurance using MAALI . Get covered for a year against;- Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disability, Temporary Total Disability and Accidental medical expenses.

You can used maalipot to pay for  services like water, Yaka, DSTV,  Merchants,  Internet or buy airtime.

Are operating a SACCO,  Investment Club or VSLA, in need of cash collection tools , Maalipot offer convenient yet traceable form of saving collection in group. Digitalise the rural saving .

Why move large sums of cash, yet you can have all your vendors and suppliers and business intermediates on the platform to share the benefits of reduced transaction costs.

Monthly /bi weekly payments to the service providers, wage earners at farms or factories can never be cheaper, with maali you can schedule payments, make bulk payments to beneficiaries that are registered on the maali ecosystem at a friendly rate.

Reduce cash transaction in the school with maali, have students registered for cashless pocket money service, with an extended parent card, all students can transact at the canteen with pin protected Maalicard at no additional cost. Parent do not need to travel and carry pocket money to schools. This can be done from the comfort of the seating rooms.  Safe, Easier, Educative and Smarter for New Generation. Enroll your school now. We also offer alterative fee collection or payment options for schools

Living Statements

  • Instead of using boxes, use a group electronic card for group saving , earn interest and organised pay outs.
  • Make periodical saving whenever you earn some money, receive a cashback for any value above 150,000/= at after 30 days of upto 1% with 8% gurantee by the end of the year.
  • With a maalicard , you can subscribe for personal accident insurance or be covered for personal or group health insurance for as low as 265,000/=.
Former Prime Minister- UK

Maalicard enables low cost money transfers from individuals with maalicard or maalipot. Enjoy  the business of sharing your earnings at no cost to friends and family. Make payment to the domestic workers for wages and salary/

We the coming of electronic services,  school are now becoming bank agents, with two POS terminals one at the canteen and the other at the Busar. School managments are getting smarter allowing the student to transact with predebit card . Parent send pocket money electronically and also receive  utilisation reports from the school. Call our office to set up a service for your school. This comes with finanical training for the students and improvement of the saving culture.

Gone are the days that you used to carry cash to pay out to the farmers or producers. Pay smart using the maalipot or the Infotrade maalicard while in the comfort of your home or office.

Watch transactions at the store  , montior the volumes, prices and stock ins at the bulking store at no additional cost.  

Are you operating a voucher programme or credit  services to the rural communities , deploy the card as control and also introduce sustainable finanical services to the community buy working with our finanical inclusion service for the growth community and economic empowerment..

Transact with the maalipot , share the benefit from a once pot and reduce your expenditure by having all you regular cash users on the pot .  Share cash at no cost

Maali Agents & USERS


Hospitality Services & Rafting

Services Deposits made easier, traceable and manageable with maalipay and  maalipot transfers. 

  • +256 751 460 000


Web Hosting Services

I am proud to be one of the  first users of the maalipot , for online  payments.  What a great move for my clients.

  • 256-780-639 213


Digital TV -Asian Channels

We have enrolled 600 subscribers on the maalicard payment collection service, It is a smarter way of doing business !!!

  • +256 752 949 738
  • www.