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Our Digital Banking Services were incorporated in November 2020 to deepen the penetration of financial services to the unbanked and underserved individuals.

Maalicard aims at developing and deepening the penetration of consumer financial products and services using technology as a medium of outreach. It supports both individual or non-individual accounts while building a network of agents/merchants accepting the cards or e-payments, card sales for individuals and corporate /Institutional users. Maali technology allows for multi-currency, for a single card holder, savings, deposit, transfer, inward remittances, P2P payments and also offers rescue loans to individuals with digital savings with out terminating their saving plan. The service is seamless, transparent, affordable and easily accessible.

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“ It is a thought of progress that matters in changing lives of communities. One initiative with the right intentions builds societies with lasting impacts.“

M.J. Kintu
Mar. 22.2022

Personal Accident Policy

In partnerships with MUA Insurance we are offering tailored insurance plan for individuals / groups promoting safety for riders and passangers

Commodity Off Taker Solutions

Are you a commodity buyer or produce trader , enroll for free cashless farmer payment platform with a free store inventory tracking system

Dedicated Investment Forums/Clubs

Looking for investments tools /Pools ; use the maali digital tools to support your joint or collective investment plans

The Digital Banking Revolution

Inspiring Statistics for the Sector

Our Interest in the Sector is deepened by the motivating economic statistics of our times ; hence the drive in our investments and innovation.

Total Population in UG46.43%
Target Population above 18yrs76.50%
Literacy ( Adult+18)80%
No. people using internet26.20%
Individuals with Bank A/C 59.20%

Mobile money transactions

Mobile penetration

Inward remitances

GDS as % of GDP

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Maali ecosystem offers an opportunity to belong to a network of individuals united in the art of managing their finances while creating a wealth future with key principles of transparency, traceability, and accountability.

Maali creates “ Safe and convenient payment options for merchants” to enroll off-takers, employers, and merchants to power the card with funds and drive the penetration to Mass Market by enabling payments via the MaaliCard to the people/ labors in the farms, to farmers suppling produce/ commodities to buying stores.

Maali enables the users to access “affordable financial services” while transacting with channels that are almost 50+ cheaper than other prevailing options on the market.

Maali is a Medium of Service Connection via the MaaliCard and Maalipot by allowing retailing of services like insurance, loans, utility payment, and another service like hotels, ticketing, and transport, etc

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