Who we are.

Maalicard operates as a Neo Bank that is powered by the Housing Finance bank as the escrow account holder; it is not a bank but registered and licensed as company offering digital financial services targeting the unbanked population. The service is driven by a technology that is interoperable, allowing the movement and seamless flow of money from one client to other. It works in partnership with existing organizations, MNOs and financial bodies to achieve its objectives.

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Real time Remittances

Sharing our earning through foreign and local remittance should be an act that is embraced, the maalipot allows for equitable instance remittances to friends, family at minimum cost of doing the transfer.

Available on Mobile

In Africa mobile use is beyond the convenience of communication out of home or in the range of a landline. It is a life style that people have adopted to cope up with the physical challenges of social banking so as to embrace the growth and adaptation of the mobile.

Accessible across banking networks

The need to move, transfer, receive and access funds or cash should be instant, we believe that user should not be limited by choice of bank name or provider. Any ATM, Bank House, Bank agent or Telecom provider.

Virtual online payment gateway

In African Culture , the POT was symbol of unity, love and sharing in a family. It served the purpose of cooking, storage of food, sharing of a drink and more so a bank or safe for values like money. We introduce the Maalipot as a virtual online bank for the unbanked..

Saving Money & Earning Interest

Not so much is put aside in many of the communities, systems need to be put in place to allow safe deposits and enable economically effective ways of saving and earning interest for the majority of the little savers


It is a pre-debit card, with a complete end-to-end technology platform powered by Infotrade Technologies. It interlinks with ATMS, POS Machines, Bank agents, Banks and other virtual payment systems.


Our Vision is to become a pivot of change in the financial sector enabling the unbanked individuals connect to cost effective services and share inclusive financial benefits.


To present the maalicard brand as a medium of exchange across Africa and beyond


To promotes behavior, change in the financial sector offering mass cost effective financial inclusive services, supported by socially committed and motivated professions, working with network of businesses and persons connected with shared benefits.


To Be Relevant
Socially Responsible