Membership,Licenses and Associations

No. NDT 0386

Maalicard is registered as tier 4, Non-Deposit Taking Microfinance Institution

PDPO -202204 0184

Certified Registration with Personal Data Protection Office

From 2021

Registered Member of the Financial Technology Service Providers Association

From 2022

Registered with PPDA as a National Service Providers - Financial Services

Digital Banking Anywhere

“Digital banking” comes with new demands from consumers as more efficient ways of taking service and accessing or completing records and completing financial transactions outside of local branches. Currently, we have a total of 203 million population ( source .eMarketer, March 2021) connected with digital accounts. The figure is likely to grow to 216.8m by 2025. Online banking can be offered by both traditional banking institutions and also the upcoming FINTECHs, they have changed access channel to include mobile devices, debit cards, websites, and the USSD apps.