Your Digital /Online Personal Account

With Maalicard digital wallet, you are in a position to receive money, save cash on your Maalisave, send money to friends, family, pay a merchant directly from your maalipot at minimum fees, send money to Uganda to any person with a maalipot, share financial benefits like personal accident insurance and also micro health or transfer money to the group saving account.

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Your Digital Wallet is called the “Maalipot”. It offers seamless transactions allowing fast and smooth access to funds. It is a true reflection of flexible cash movement. It is available on USSD, the Web portal, and Also on the Android Apps. /p>


  • • Free, Self-loading
  • • Convenient cash payouts
  • •Free ledger for cash monitoring
  • •Support multiples linkages
  • •All funds in one pot


  • No Cost for Set up
  • • 24/7 accessible
  • • Allows Peer 2 Peer Transfers
  • • Pay for utilities