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Maali loans

These are considered to be rescue loans that can be taken anytime and active within 3 Seconds. It is important you have an active Maalisave account with about minimum saving of 300,000 UGX, the cost of 6.5% p.m. You are expected to return the funds within 30 days.


Maalicard is a pre-paid debit card that is linked to the Maalipot (Mobile or Web Account) for ease of management of your business accounts. The card is a Chip & PIN, that is secured with a 4-digit password. The card can be issued to both individuals and corporate organizations

Maali Group Save

The MaaliGroupSave is designed as a collective saving account that allows members to accumulate saving on a jointly managed virtual account. It can be used by Investment clubs, family groups, SACCOs, and VSLA while giving the individual flexibility and ease of self-monitoring of their personal effort.


All Maalipot users automatically are entitled to a free Maalisave account that allows them to Start Saving. Enable Saving options for a day, weekly, or monthly and fixed term of your withdrawals to any interval starting 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

School Pocket Money

School Pocket Money is an advised integrated Cashless pocket money management service for parents, school administration, school canteen vendors, and suppliers to exchange and manage children’s pocket money and cash.

Off taker Produce Management Services

Buy Cashless with Maali Produce Off Taker Management Software. This enables producers to remotely monitor produce buyers at multiple rural stores/warehouses while controlling cash release centrally at the main office.


Maalipay is a web Payment link that is a securely generated web address that allows you to collect funds or cash from your customers. It can be used on websites, Facebook, by individuals/businesses in the e-commerce, or by an organization with web-based services.s


Free Online wallet that is linked to the different collection and payout options. You can use MaaliPot to pay for services like water, Yaka, DSTV, Merchants, Internet, or buy airtime; it can be used for P2P payments, domestic transfers, and Self-managed upload.

Maali Accepting Management

Appropriate for one in Business, it is the way to go, have a Maalicard cash collection, no cost your business, be paid by the clients using the maalipot seamless and realize your payment less than 24 hrs.

Merchant Bulk Payments

Appropriate for Corporate companies, NGOs, and Factories payout to employees. Use the function to make cost-effective bulk transfers to individuals either on maalipot or Maalicard.

Personal Accident Insurance

MaaliAssurance is a service that is provided in collaboration with a thirds party licensed in Insurance of Micro health, Personal Accident, and Group Accident. Maali is working with MUA Insurance as the provider.

Maali Agents

Join a network of cash out and collection agents in the country. Be a point of contact in your district, town, or village. Get Commission on all transaction


Send money to Uganda, directly to the end-user, from any country. The recipient will receive the inward transfer in local currency. Low the risk lets the recipient receive the cash on their Maalicard withdrawal from anywhere

Online Payment Link/ Plugin

Maali Account is linked to the Maalipot Wallet, it allows you to collect cash from your business using an e-commerce website or other social media channels. We have staff ready to assist with integration to your website.


For clients interested in hosting or having website design and management; we offer an e-commerce website with payment collection links, for donations, fundraising, and church collections.

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